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  If you are looking for a practical and attractive way to add shade to a commercial space, it could be time to consider investing in recreational area shade nets. These stylish fabric canopies can be used in a huge variety of different locations. They are suitable for schools, playgrounds, sports centres, parks, and much more. With high quality shade net, you can even brighten up a tired retail space. They have an advantage over traditional awnings and umbrella shades, because they are semi-permanent. This means that, while they offer more protection and shade than an umbrella, they aren’t as rigid or fixed as awnings. They can be constructed, removed, and readjusted at all, depending on the weather and the location. This guide to some of the best uses for recreational area shade nets will help you decide what to brighten up with yours. When the sun is at its hottest, it is important to keep swimmers (especially children) safe from sunburn

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